Store Allowance/Personal Expense Funding

Fund your camper's store account here. Type in your amount. Recommended: Junior- $75, June- $150, Main- $175, August- $125

I agree to a non-refundable 3% bank fee to use my credit card. This fee will be debited from my daughter's personal allowance.

The price must be from $20.00 to $500.00

PLEASE NOTE: Remember to check off "Store Allowance" on your online forms!  Thanks for helping us run camp smoothly.

> Enter an amount to fund your child's account from $20 to $500*

(*Please note there is a non-refundable 3% fee to pay with a credit card. This fee will be debited from your daughter's personal allowance, and you will see this reflected on your store statement at the end of the summer.  If you would rather avoid the 3% fee, write your camper's name and session on the memo line and make a check payable to: The Greystone Store, 21 Camp Greystone Ln, Zirconia, NC 28790) 

> Recommended amounts (Add and subtract as you see fit):

Junior- $75, June- $150, Main- $175, August- $125

> Store Allowance money covers the cost of items a camper might need while at camp:  Batteries, toothpaste, Main Camp group photo, stamps, stationery, spending money for out-of-camp trips, etc.  Some items, such as health hut and pharmacy charges, faxes, and Sunday School offerings are posted to your daughter's account after camp. You will receive a Statement of Account within a couple weeks after her session closes for any refund or balance due (e.g. pharmacy charges, etc.).

> We do not allow campers to charge to accounts that have no money or past due balances.  We do not allow overspending in the store.  Please inform your child about our policies. 

> If you want to purchase more expensive items, we encourage you to make these purchases through the Camp Store online or on Opening Day.  For bookkeeping reasons, please note we do not allow any Opening or Closing Day purchases to be charged to the campers' accounts.  Parents must pay for these purchases with credit card, cash or checks. 

> Do not include any money for Tuition or Extra Fee Activities (riding/rafting) in your store allowance purchase. Your daughter's store allowance money is kept in a totally separate bank account.

> If you have sisters attending camp, you can add multiple store allowances within one order!  After you add the first one to your shopping cart, go back to the homepage to click the Store Allowance link and fill it out again for your second daughter.