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2018 Long Sleeve Signature Greystone Tee

In 2 Comfort Colors! Adult Large Size only
$28.00 $10.00

2018 Signature Greystone Tee

4 Comfort Colors! Limited sizes available
$18.00 $5.00

Signature Greystone Sweatshirt

Available in Grey, Navy, and Forest

Word Shirt

Can't decide what you like best of camp? This shirt is for you! youth and adult sizes
$26.00 $5.00

Preppy Quatrefoil Shirt

Part of the Preppy Collection Youth and Adult Sizes
$26.00 $5.00

State Quilt T-Shirt 2018

Building on the popular Quilt t-shirt from last year! Adult XL ONLY
$26.00 $5.00

NC Greystone Shirt

Sure to be a camp favorite! Gray color only, violet is sold out.
$26.00 $5.00

Youth Greystone Girl Shirt 2018

A camp store classic! Youth Sizes
$20.00 $5.00

Youth Happy Summer Shirt

4 happy colors! Youth Sizes
$18.00 $5.00

YOUTH Vintage Banquet shirt

Cute shirt to celebrate a time-honored tradition! youth size
$24.00 $10.00

Classic Signature Greystone Tee

Classic white Greystone script on green. Youth and adult sizes.

ADULT Vintage Banquet shirt

Cute shirt to celebrate a time-honored tradition! adult size
$26.00 $10.00

State of Mind Shirt

We are "Always in a Greystone State of Mind" adult L and XL sizes only
$26.00 $5.00

Archery 2018

"I don't wear bows, I just shoot them!"
$26.00 $5.00

Lacrosse 2018

"I Hit, You Drop, I Take" Adult Large only
$26.00 $5.00

Riding 2018

Show your preppy equestrian side! Adult Large only
$28.00 $10.00


'That their hearts might be Knit together in Love!' Youth and Adult sizes
$26.00 $5.00

Soccer Program Shirt

'Just Kick It!' in Comfort Color Chambray. Youth and Adult sizes
$26.00 $5.00

Hydration Station 2018

Celebrate one of the best perks of camp! youth sizes only
$26.00 $5.00

Sailing 2018

"Putt Cove Yacht Club"
$28.00 $10.00

Tennis Program Shirt

True Royal Bella Canvas Shirt, Adult L & XL only
$26.00 $5.00

Corded Crew

Adult XL light blue only.
$78.00 $50.00

Flagpole Coordinates Tee 2018

Our classic tee in soft Bella Canvas fabric!
$26.00 $5.00

Lyla Loop Sweater

A camp favorite!!! Comes in 3 colors, only Large sizes available.
$45.00 $25.00

Chambray Blue Mineral Lace-Up Spirit Jersey

A new twist on the classic camp shirt. Adult Sizes
$63.00 $20.00

Greystone Spindle Hoodie

Variegated Black & Navy avail. Adult Sizes
$30.00 $5.00

Greystone Premium Gauge Tee

Choose from 3 colors, roomy unisex sizing. Adult Sizes
$24.00 $5.00

Sevenly Kindness Tee

100% organic cotton, adult sizes
$26.00 $5.00

Circle Floral Tee

2 colors! Adult Sizes
$26.00 $5.00

Boucle Fleece Sweatshirt

Color: Charcoal Adult sizes
$58.00 $20.00

Comfort Color Hoodies

Brand new style! Adult sizes, Salmon only
$30.00 $10.00

CG Super Hero Shirt

Be invincible at Camp Greystone! Youth and Adult sizes!
$34.00 $10.00

See You at Camp Greystone Shirt

Soft-Style T-Shirt. Youth and Adult Sizes
$16.00 $5.00

Putt Cove Training Tee

Flocked Print, wicking fabric, 2 colors! Adult sizes
$36.00 $10.00

Baja Adult Hoodie

In 2 colors! Classic, vintage design.
$42.00 $20.00

White Tiger Slub Tank

Our popular tank is back!
$14.00 $5.00

Bliss Mesh Panel Tee

With breathable mesh shoulder panel. Adult sizes
$30.00 $10.00

Granite Tiger Slub Tank

Adult XL only.

Second Home Alumnae Tee 2018

Comfort Color Grey Long Sleeve Tee
$28.00 $10.00

Pale Pink Tiger Slub Tank

Our popular tank is back! Adult XL size only
$14.00 $5.00

2018 Signature Alumnae TShirt

Vintage style in 2 colors and soft Bella Canvas
$26.00 $5.00

Prone to Wander Shirt 2018

Honoring Jim Daddy on the front and Libby on the back!
$26.00 $5.00

Black Core Capri

Lightweight! Youth Sizes only
$34.00 $10.00

Gymnastics 2018

"Less Talk, More Chalk!"
$26.00 $5.00

Day is Done Sleep Shirt

Soft and comfy to snuggle down in bed.
$12.00 $5.00

Fitness Leggings

Premium quality! Youth and Adult sizes
$58.00 $15.00

Horizon Hoodie

Sweater-Knit Terry Adult XL size only
$52.00 $20.00

Carefree Pullover Crew

Lightweight knit pullover Adult L & XL only
$46.00 $15.00

Weekender Pullover

Sweater knit v-neck pullover Adult XL only
$50.00 $20.00

Eden Side-Zip Fleece Pullover

With Fleecy-soft Interior 2XL size only
$58.00 $20.00

Sherpa Pullover

Stay warm with cozy sherpa! Also in Vintage Navy. Only L, XL, and XXL available!
$48.00 $25.00

Vintage Cotton 1950s Jacket

Display all of your hard-earned patches from your summers at Greystone! A revered piece of Greystone Tradition. Youth Large and Adult Sizes

Eco Crew Fleece Raglan

This fleece is OH-SO-SOFT!
$58.00 $25.00

Fishing 2018

Don't let it get away!! Adult and youth sizes
$26.00 $5.00

Fishing 2017

Don't let it get away!!
$26.00 $5.00

Farm & Garden

Charcoal Comfort Color Tee
$26.00 $5.00

Heathered Pullover Hoodie

Bella Canvas Fleece in Heather Forest

Love Hearts Flannel Pants

Flannel. Youth and Adult Sizes
$26.00 $10.00

Mint Grey Plaid Flannel Pants

Flannel. Youth and Adult Sizes
$26.00 $10.00

Pink Dot Flannel Pants

Flannel. Adult Sm & Med Sizes only
$26.00 $10.00

Carolina Blue Sleepy Coverup

Lightweight nightshirt for our summer nights or swim coverup. Adult XL size only
$16.00 $8.00

Pale Pink Sleepy Coverup

Lightweight nightshirt for our summer nights or swim coverup. Adult sizes
$16.00 $8.00

Navy/White Velocity Shorts

Our most popular shorts are back! Adult XL only
$22.00 $5.00

Rain Poncho

Clear Poncho

Black/White Velocity Shorts

Our most popular shorts are back! Adult XL only
$22.00 $5.00

Dance Program Shirt

"Moving the body, Stirring the soul, Without it what's the Pointe" In oh-so-soft Bella Canvas!
$26.00 $5.00

2018 Theme Shirt

This summer's theme on a purple t-shirt. Get them while they last!
$16.00 $5.00

Jewelry Program Shirt

"Because Not Everyone Can Make Jewelry at Greystone" Adult L, XL, & 2XL only
$26.00 $5.00

Leather Sunglass Strap w/optional personalization

Add your initials and they'll never stay lost.

One Big Fish Cap

3 colors
$18.00 $5.00