Dock & Bay Re-Useable Make Up Removers

Your cleansing routine does not stop when you come to camp...these make up removers will leave your face feeling fresh and clean at the end of the day! Clean up your skin and our planet with these reusable makeup remover pads. Made from 100% recycled materials.
Manufacturer: Dock & Bay
  • Eco-friendly solution to throw away makeup wipes
  • Ultra soft material works for all skin types
  • Each pack includes 3 pads and a handy wash bag
  • How to use:┬áJust add water, no additional skincare product needed
  • How to wash:┬áRinse and place used facial pads in our laundry bag and toss in the washing machine.
  • Save money too with no need to repurchase disposable pads again (thank us later!)
  • Made from 100% recycled materials (100% polyester)

Makeup Remover Pad Size:
4 x 4.7" (12 x 10cm)

Package includes:
Pack of 3 x makeup remover pads
1 x cotton mesh wash bag
Packed in 1 x Gift Box

Material:100% Recycled Polyester

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