Mumi Double Packing Cube

This useful double cube is great for travel to camp and throughout the year. Combine with other Mumi packing pieces for stylish, organized packing!
  • save space and simplify packing (and unpacking) with mumi packing cubes.
  • maximize luggage space, and be organized, stay neat and tidy.
  • lightweight, durable nylon material, double zippers for easy opening.
  • two cubes in one. One side concealed for undergarments and the other with mesh for outfits.
  • All you need in one easy to pack, easy to carry packing cube!

contains: 1 double packing cube [medium]

1 packing cube (16" x 10.5" x 4.5")
1 outer bag (4" x 6")

composition: 70% laminated nylon fabric, 30% nylon mesh

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