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Olika Ultra Hydrating Clip On Hand Sanitizers - Mindfulness

These all natural stylish bird shaped Hand Sanitizers clip to your backpack are great for camp! Combine with a refill pouch and you are set to go for months!

Clear Minds, Clean Hands meet The OLIKA Mindfulness Collection, created to bring moments of tranquility to your daily ritual. 

Our new formula includes hyaluronic acid — the long-time love of face care products to provide ultra hydration, and reishi mushroom — an adaptogen-rich destressor, working together to quench dry and stressed hands while effectively eliminating germs. The Mindfulness Collection offers sensational aromatherapeutic experiences for the hands and mind with three new fragrances: Blue Tansy, Frosted Eucalyptus and Cotton Flower. 

The Mindfulness Collection: OLIKA Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Frosted Eucalyptus Clip-On brings our new hydrating + destressing formula with hyaluronic acid and reishi mushroom on-the-go so you can sanitize anytime, anywhere. It's petite, but packs a punch with 300+ mists inside.

FRAGRANCE: Cotton Flower
Calming: A glowing floral accord that marries comfortably with the juiciness of fruity notes along with sage and sandalwood.

Uplifting: Exudes happiness with clean, watery notes infused with floral notes of blue tansy.

FRAGRANCE: Frosted Eucalyptus
Energizing: Flora notes mingle gently with cooling notes of apple and eucalyptus while a soft, musky accord surrounds the fragrance.

• 0.6 fl oz/20 mL
• 1.75 in x 2.75 in
• Refillable + Reusable + Recyclable

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