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Ricardo the Rooster

Cock-a-doodle-doo!! Ricardo the Rooster stuffed toy is here to herald in a fresh new day! He’s one rooster that’s happy on the farm or in your home. And with his ultra soft materials and playful floppy body, you’ll want to invite him over right away.

Henrietta the Blue Lace Hen

Henrietta doesn’t know how strikingly beautiful she really is! The envy of the coop, Henrietta is truly a show stopper! She spends her days grooming her luxuriously soft feathers enjoying the breeze and sunshine of Camp Greystone!

Pepper the Hen

Pepper Black/Multi colored Hen rules the roost! She takes her job as mama very seriously, don’t get in her way! Ultra soft and squish-able.

Charlize Floppy Pig

This cuddly large pink pig is floppy and will be SO happy to hug at any time!

Pauline the Spotted Pig

Go hog wild with Pauline the Pig stuffed animal! Our lovable big piggy is 16 inches of huggable, cuddly fun and great as a support pillow for your bed at camp!

Loretta the Pig with a Crown

Girls love to cuddle stuffed animals at camp! This soft white plush with black spots and soft pink feet and ears jive perfectly with her light pink tutu and sparkle pink crown!

Bubbles Rainbow Narwhal Large

Bubbles our Fur Fuzzle Rainbow Narwhal has been super sized! At 30″ long that’s a whole lot of furry, fuzzy, rainbow magic to be had! Squeeze him, squish him, take him for a nap! Y

Coco Platypus

This adorable Platypus will look comfy and cozy on your bed at camp! It's bright colors and long eyelashes invite lots of snuggling!

Bubbles Rainbow Narwhal Small

We’re sure you’ve never met a Narwhal like Bubbles before! Crafted with fluffy, plush materials in pastel rainbow colors, Bubbles the plush Narwhal certainly stands out in a crowd!

Lollipop Llamacorn

Lollipop the Rainbow Fuzzle Unicorn stuffed animal is a sight to behold! Her fun, eye-catching design features a rainbow colored coat that is delightfully soft and huggably floppy.

Ziggy Caticorn

Ziggy the Rainbow Fuzzle Caticorn stuffed animal is a unique creature, part finicky feline and part unicorn. She will love being on your bed at camp!

Leon Rainbow Hedgehog Small

Cutest Hedgehog around in bright rainbow colors. She will love hanging on your bunk during camp!

Phyllis Flamingo

Phyllis Flamingo will love hanging on your bed at camp! Soft, furry and cuddly with rainbow sequins to make any bed bright and cheery!

Pig with Rainbow Wings Macaroon

This plump soft Pig is perfect for making any bunk special! It's rainbow wings add a cute and colorful detail!

Vivian Pink Toucan

As extravagantly decorated and colorful as the most exotic jungle bird, Vivian the Pink Toucan Fuzzle stuffed animal certainly stands apart from her drab colored peers!

Rainbow Unicorn Macaroon

This plump soft Unicorn is perfect for making any bunk special!

Pink Swirl Hedgehog

Pink Swirl Tutu Hedgehog is dressed for the ballet or for dancing play with her pink tutu and ear bow.

Pug Macaroon

This playful Pup loves to make you smile! Plump, small and soft, it will keep you company for years to come.