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Que Collapsible 20oz Water Bottles

This fun bottle collapses when not in use and has the Greystone logo etched onto the top of the cap! It is a great bottle for all ages, especially the younger camper as it is not heavy when filled.

Meet the original collapsible bottle. Our patented spiral design allows the bottle to be compressed to take up less space, which also reduces its carbon footprint during shipping.

We launched in 2016 with our signature, innovative collapsible travel bottle, making it a perfect alternative to single-use plastic bottle. Designed for your everyday adventures, our bottle expands to a full size bottle and collapses to a small bottle, keeping you hydrated and saving space on-the-go. The lightweight design, shatterproof silicone, and leak-proof cap allows you to take it anywhere you go, and you'll never have to use a plastic bottle again.


• Cap off to expand. Cap off to collapse.

• To seal, hold bottleneck.

• Compress the bottle when it's less than halfway full.

• Dishwasher Safe
• BPA-Free & Non-toxic
• LFGB Food-grade Silicone
• Wide Mouth for Ice Cubes
• Taste & Odor Free
• Lightweight & Compact
• Leakproof
• Shockproof

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