Table Topics: To Go Family Trio

How to keep your girls entertained in the car on the way to camp? Bring along these fun conversation starters to learn a bit more about how they think, what they want and maybe even something about yourself! Recommended ages 6 and up.
  • 120 Questions Cards in a boxed set of three family themed TableTopics TO GO Packs
  • Each TO GO pack holds 40, 3" x 3" question cads in a clear plastic slipcase
  • Cards cover:  Heroes - Explore what makes a person a hero. Talk about what makes their actions heroic. And discover the potential hero within yourself.
  • Right or Wrong - Have fun talking your way through interesting situations and everyday dilemmas.
  • Family-on-the-Move  - These questions make for great conversations wherever your day takes you – a road trip, a picnic, ballet practice, a soccer game – you name it.


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