The Girls Guide to Conquering Middle School

The transition from elementary school to middle school skirts the borders of traumatic for many girls. Their bodies are changing, their moods are shifting, their friendships are tested, and boys can become a big distraction. Girls may begin to struggle with grades, behavior, and relationships with family and friends. How do they know what to do and what not to do in this new environment with new expectations?

Erica and Jonathan Catherman offer girls ages ten to twelve the practical help they need to make the move to middle school as painless as possible. The "do this, not that" format covers a hundred relevant topics and situations middle school girls will face, including the first day, bullies, test taking, cell phone use, homework, gossip, leadership, respect, sports, PDA, and many more.

100 do's and don'ts for navigating middle school

It's not too dramatic to say that the transition from elementary school to middle school can border on traumatic. Your body is changing. Your friendships are tested. Your classes are getting harder. Your moods sometimes feel like they're out of your control. And boys? Well, they're not getting any easier to understand either! How do you know what's expected of you now? And how do you keep from embarrassing yourself as you figure it all out?

The Girls' Guide to Conquering Middle School is your "Do This, Not That" guide to nearly everything this new stage in life can throw your way, including

· the first day
· bullies
· test taking
· cell phone use
· homework
· gossip
· leadership
· respect
· sports
· and more

With real-life hacks, humorous illustrations, and true survival stories, this book will get you through middle school like a pro.

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