Odds & Evens


  Throughout each session, campers earn points for their odd or even team by completing simple tasks – cleaning their cabins, getting to flag on time, attending all of their classes, and more. We also have a Challenge Day event at each session where the real team spirit really comes out.

  At the end of each session, the points are tabulated and one team emerges victorious. Campers take great pride in their team and our team competition. Through this competition, campers learn the importance of the individual in each team unit as well as how to encourage the rival team despite the competitive nature of the tradition.

  The Team they are on is the very first thing that they find out when they get to camp on opening day and the winner of the session is the very last anouncement made at banquet the day before closing.  It's a great Tradition at the very heart of Greystone, everyone is a part of the team.

The Odds & Evens Bags are designed to make it easier to pack for camp.  Because your daughter's team is not known prior to arriving at camp, packing both team colors takes up extra space. We take the guesswork out of it and have your daughter's team colors set aside for you to pre-purchase and pick up on opening day.

These bags are available for pre-purchase online for a short time during the month of May and sporadically in June based on availability.