Friendly team competition has been a part of Greystone since the beginning and is still a much-anticipated part of camp!! 

     Campers are placed on either the Odds or Evens team based on their cabin number; the Odds are green and the Evens are gold and you will find this out on opening day of each session.   Throughout each session, campers earn points for their team by completing simple tasks like cleaning their cabin, showing up to Flag on time, and attending all of their classes. These points are added to the “Big Competitions” of Challenge Day and Watersports Day (Main Camp only). The victorious team is announced on Banquet night to thunderous applause.

     On Opening Day and throughout each session, the Greystone Store will have shirts and other FUN accessories to help make their challenge times sparkly and exciting! Come see us on Opening Day to check out some of the items shown below.

Odds & Evens For Opening Day

Picture of Opening Day Odd/Even Items
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