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Personal Allowance
Fund or settle your Camper Account at the Greystone Store - For funding suggested amounts are: Junior- $75, June- $150, Main- $175, August- $125 - this amount will cover any essential items needed.  However, if your camper is planning to buy clothing, backpacks or other higher priced items at camp, you will want to increase your deposit amount.  A 3% Credit Card fee will be debited from the total amount deposited into your camper account (excluding settlements). We encourage you to pay online for quicker/easier processing.  If you prefer to mail a check for no fee, please write your camper's name and session on the memo line and make it payable to: The Greystone Store, 21 Camp Greystone Ln, Zirconia, NC 28790  Please note that Personal Allowance may not be combined with the store shopping cart and will be a separate check out process.

Deposit will show up in Camper account within 24 hours

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