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Barking Kittens

Barking Kittens


Thought Exploding Kittens was a crowd-pleaser? Wait till you bring Barking Kittens into the fold - the 3rd expansion pack! It introduces new cards. Greater complexity. More ways to betray your friends and revel in their despair. We named it after the pair of Barking Kittens cards that trigger a tension-ratcheting game of chicken. Play it and ask if anyone else has the other one. If they do, they explode. If they don’t, well, you’ve just painted a huge target on your back.


JUST TO BE CLEAR: Barking Kittens can’t work as a standalone game. It requires a copy of Exploding Kittens to play.

  • Details

    2 - 5 players

    Requires a copy of exploding kittens to play. 

    Age Range - Adult 

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