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Campfire Cast Iron Cookbook

Campfire Cast Iron Cookbook


What is better than cooking with cast iron? Cooking with cast iron on an open fire, camp stove or grill is better!

There’s no such thing as spending too much time outdoors. The cravings you work up exerting all that energy in nature will be satisfied when you cook with The Campfire Cast Iron Cookbook, making for a healthy and delicious adventure. 

  • Details

    • Over 100 recipes for all meals and all tastes
    • Chapters dedicated to breakfast, sides and starches, meat, seafood, vegetables, and desserts
    • An in-depth description and explanation of different types of cast iron cookware
    • A guide on how to set up your fire and cookware for the perfect outdoor cooking experience
    • Tips and tricks for cooking and clean-up, including how to properly care for your cooking fire and firepit

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