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Made for This - 40 Days to Living Your Purpose

Made for This - 40 Days to Living Your Purpose


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?” Recognize your calling, find your place of service, and follow God to a life of purpose.

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    This 40-day journey is for you—and it might surprise you. What if God hasn’t hidden His purposes for your life from you? That life doesn’t have to be so exhausting and heavy and confusing all the time? That God has given you everything you need to live out the calling He has placed on your life right this minute as you read this?

    In Made for This, a beautiful blend of bestselling books Anything and Restless, join Bible teacher Jennie Allen on a 40-day interactive journey that takes you through a step-by-step process to guide you in answering life’s ultimate question.

    This unique book will help you:

    • Stop living afraid and insecure by discovering how God can use your dreams and passions for a greater purpose
    • Identify the threads in your life and how they intentionally weave together
    • Trade control and safety for a life of God-honoring adventure by praying one prayer

    Discover how to fully surrender to God and identify the threads of gifts, passions, places, relationships, and sufferings in your life—not to get what you want, but to find what God wants of you.

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