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Great from campsites to kitchen tables, our new YippiYappa game kit has 4 games and growing.  Dump out the balls, pick the game and the teams and have at it.  Kit contains two teams of 4 color-coded Peloties (mini sacks) each and one basket.  Colors of baskets and balls are selected at random and will not be the same as pictured.

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    With your YippiYappa game kit you can play a variety of awesome games with your buddies anywhere. Simply dump out the Peloties (the small balls) and get to it. 

    H.O.R.S.E: Just like with a basketball, play all around the house or yard. Make your shot and the other players have to do the same. Move the shooting spot and or the basket each round. Each time a player misses a shot that the opponent makes, they get another letter in the word HORSE. Once the whole word is spelled, they lose. 

    Taps: Two teams of two - sit across the table from your partner. Put the basket in the middle of the table. Each player gets 2 balls. All count 1,2,3, GO! All players go at once and must tap their Pelotie on the table before every shot. If you don't, you must remove that ball, re-shoot it, and have a consequence - often, a drink. Each partner must make two balls so if I've made my 2 balls but my partner missed, I have to pass their ball back to them until they've made their 2 as well. The team that gets all 4 balls in first wins that round. Losers of the round have a consequence. After each round, players all shift to the seat to their left. Play best 4 out of 7 rounds. Last rule is when shooting, your hand and elbow must stay behind the edge of the table. If busted, a consequence is in order and the ball must re-shot. Set the shooting distance as far as your skill level allows. 

    And MORE!!

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