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The Libby Jerusalem Cross - 14k Gold Pendant

The Libby Jerusalem Cross - 14k Gold Pendant


The Jerusalem Cross was one of Libby Miller's favorites and many will remember this piece of jewelry that she wore daily.  The front of the cross features a 4 point star representing the light of the Star of Bethlehem.  The back is engraved with the Greystone G, . This beautiful cross is offered in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver and will be a cherished piece of jewelry for years to come.  Handmade locally - allow 2 weeks for delivery.

  • Details

    The pendant is 22mm or approximately 1" square and weighs 3 grams.  

    The Jerusalem Cross has been a symbol of faith for centuries.

    Being one of the most recognizable emblems in the world, the Jerusalem cross has several interpretations. Some historians believe that the large cross represents Christ, while the four smaller crosses represent Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Others suggest that the symbol is a visualization of the gospel being spread to the four corners of the Earth. 

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